Hi, I am Jessi Hales. I recently graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon with a degree in public relations. I am in the market of finding my first job. My interests include current events, digital and social media marketing and the entertainment industry.

I used to be in nursing school at the University of Arizona prior to an internship I got with Sony, and it changed my whole career path. I love the entertainment industry and know a disgusting amount about movies, celebrities and actors/actresses. Don’t believe me? Just get me on a pop culture trivia show (I dare you), and I’d win at least $500,000. Even though I have a fascination with the entertainment industry, part of me still thrives on keeping up-to-date in the health care industry.

As I mentioned before, the internship that changed it all was my opportunity to work with Sony Productions during the summer of 2013. I was a public relations intern who helped promote up and coming movies produced by Sony. I primarily organized promotional events with local businesses and coordinated pre-screenings for critics, local citizens and journalists to evaluate the success of the film in future months.

Additionally, I have been a part of DuckTV, the university’s student-run television network, and I most recently worked as an account executive on the Allen Hall Public Relations team.

In my last quarter at the University of Oregon, I, along with three other classmates, created a social media campaign for Amtrak Cascades (Amtrak’s Pacific Northwest route running from Vancouver B.C. to Eugene, Oregon.) We also launched an Instagram photo contest for them and held a on-campus event at the University of Oregon. See the results in my portfolio.

Fun fact about me: I was bribed to learn how to wakeboard when I was eight years old with a $50 gift card to Nordstrom.

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